Linden Tree Partners advisory services focus on areas of critical and strategic executive decision making.  From helping to define what the business should do for future prosperity, to aligning the organization to skillfully execute the key success elements, to envisioning pathways for further innovation -- both internally and externally, Linden Tree Partners collaborates with your executive team to deliver rapid and sustainable results. For specific qualifications and case examples, please Contact Us.

Ensuring Future Prosperity of the Enterprise
What can your business do to grow quickly while simultaneously avoiding competitive erosion? Effective and sustainable growth hinges on clearly identifying your unique sources of advantage and coupling them with careful barrier building to prevent competitive response and replication:

Business Model Innovation

Portfolio Strategy

Business Strategy

Technology planning

Master Planning

Business and Financing Planning

Merger, Acquisition and Joint Venture Planning

Market Entry Strategy

Competitive Positioning

Innovating Pathways to Sustained Leadership
What business and technology innovations provide the ability to sustain success?

Sustaining success requires continual innovation in advantage and barrier enhancement:

Industry Structure Change

Value Chain Change

Channel Creation and Modification

Grass Roots Innovation

Innovation Scouting

Intellectual Capital/Knowledge/Talent Management

Capital Project Planning

Executing Operational Imperatives
What are the few key areas in which your business must execute to achieve lasting success?

Realizing success requires focus on operational excellence directly tied to sustaining advantage and reinforcing competitive barriers:

Operational Excellence

Business Process Optimization

Organization Design and Development

Strategic Procurement

Strategic Supply Chain Alignment

Merger Integration