The Linden Tree

          Hearty across the globe,

      Rapid growth,

       Reaching great heights,

     Lasting for centuries,

      Symbolic of wealth creation,

     discretion and common sense.

The Linden Tree symbolizes enterprises at their best.

Linden Tree Partners mirrors its namesake -- we're highly-experienced consultants with deep roots in our functional and industry areas of expertise:

  • Our Team is focused, skilled and well connected to deploy the best global capabilities for your needs.
  • Our Engagements deliver a combination of global experience and local sensitvity - including deep industry insight and relevant cultural and language skills.
  • Our Services focus on defining and executing around the few key imperatives for success.
  • Our Clients include large and small enterprises and institutions across the globe.
  • We serve technology-based Industries spanning high-value, intellectual-property-intensive sectors (medical, biotechnology, communications) to specialized uses of natural resources (energy, water, renewables, chemicals, materials)